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Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order ship?

Our shipping schedule varies throughout the year. Please read through the information below for seasonal shipping updates.


We begin shipping spring pre-orders in mid-January.

We prioritize shipments to western and southern regions first, and work our way north with the warming temperatures.

Due to high volume of orders and weather delays, orders may take multiple weeks to ship out. Shipping updates will be listed on the website throughout the season.

Requested ship dates will be honored to the best of our ability.


All Midwest, East Coast, and Southern orders are shipped via UPS/FedEx 3-Day to avoid heat stress to the plants during transit. This option will be listed at checkout once the temperatures are no longer safe for ground shipping.

Most local orders to OR and WA are shipped via USPS Priority.

Severe hot weather may cause delays in shipping.


We begin shipping bare-root trees in late October (weather dependent) once the trees go dormant.

We prioritize shipments to the northern regions first, and work our way south with the cooling temperatures.

West of the Rocky Mountains (Western Oregon, Washington, California and Hawaii) – Take advantage of the mild fall weather and plant all season long!

PLEASE NOTE: Fall shipping to USDA Zone 6 and below are not covered by our guarantee. Please be aware that plants shipped in the fall to these colder regions may not be hardened off sufficiently to survive Winter temperatures. We strongly recommend spring shipping to these areas.


We continue to ship orders to mild regions throughout the Winter. The plants must be hardy enough to survive transit from Portland, OR to your region. We may contact you if followup is required.

We do not ship citrus and other tender plants during the winter due to cold weather.

PLEASE NOTE: If an order contains plants from both fall and spring shipping seasons, we may need to charge an additional shipping fee to separate orders.


Pacific Northwest, Northern California, Alaska, and Hawaii – Most orders are handled via USPS Priority mailing unless otherwise specified.

Otherwise orders are handled via UPS/FedEx Ground. *If USPS is required, please specify in the special order notes during checkout.


The shipping method selected at checkout does not include the processing time as this varies throughout the year. Please contact us to request a preferred shipment date.

Click here for more shipping information.

How much is shipping?

  • Ground Shipping: $25 flat rate shipping for first box to the Midwest, South and East Coast; the cost goes up incrementally for each additional plant.
  • USPS rates for the Northwest, California, Hawaii and Alaska.
  • Each order is unique and shipping estimates are based on the number of plants, sizes of plants, type of address, and other variables. Extra large plants, bags of fertilizers, or pounds of seeds may incur additional shipping fees.
  • You can estimate shipping costs by adding items to the cart on our website then clicking ‘Proceed to Checkout’. Once you enter your address, the shipping cost will display as part of the subtotal towards the bottom of the page. You may still go back to edit your cart and the shipping calculation will update with any changes.

Where do you ship?

  • We ship within the United States including Hawaii and Alaska
  • We do not ship citrus plants to California, Arizona, Florida or Texas
  • We do not ship Persimmon trees to California

What to expect in my package?

  • Box size:
    • Bare root trees: Pruned to fit in a 8x8x48 inch box that can hold approximately 4 trees.
    • Gallon pots: Can be shipped with 2, 4, 6, or 8 plants per box depending on box size.
  • Wrapping information:
    • Potted plant containers are securely wrapped in plastic to retain moisture and prevent soil spillage.
    • The roots of bare root trees are put in a plastic bag with saw dust to keep them moist.
    • Bamboo is also used to protect the structure of the plant during transit.
  • Growing information:
    • Planting and Care Guide included in every box to help ensure the success of your new plants!
  • Packing List:
    • Containing the detailed list of your order. Please review your order carefully and notify us within 10 days of any issues.

When can spring pre-orders be placed?

  • We typically begin taking spring pre-orders in late November or early December. Payment will be collected at the time of purchase and your order will be shipped at the appropriate time in spring. We recommend signing up for the waitlist for any varieties that you are interested in to be notified once they are back in stock and available for purchase.

What to do when my package arrives?

  • Open the package as soon as possible and inspect all plants. Contact us within 10 day if there are any issues with your order.
  • Follow instructions from our Plant Care Guide included in your package.
  • Potted plant instructions: Allow your plants to adjust from transit by keeping them in the shade for one to two days before planting. Be sure to water plants once they arrive; they will be thirsty. Planting can be delayed for a month or more as long as the plants do not dry out.
  • Bare root instructions: Keep roots moist and in a cool shaded area until planting. Planting can be delayed a week or two if roots are moist and weather is cool. It is best to plant immediately if weather is warm.
  • Click here for more plant guides and tips!

I have an issue with my order.

  • After receipt of your order, please inspect your order and contact us within 10 days of any problems or shortages. We cannot accept claims for breakages, shortages or other problems made more than 10 days after receipt of your order.
  • For issues with bare root trees, please email us at info@onegreenworld.com. You will be asked to fill out a problem report and send pictures to better help us evaluate. The deadline for bare root problem reports is July 1st. Please contact us before then to resolve any issues.

What is your guarantee?

  • We guarantee that our plants are labeled correctly and arrive in good living condition.
  • We also guarantee that our bare root fruit trees will break dormancy in the spring as 98% do!
  • We do not guarantee that the trees will live, thrive, bear fruit and remain healthy in your climate and growing conditions. There are many variables that are beyond our control like soil, weather, fertility, irrigation, pests etc.
  • We do not guarantee bare root trees that are shipped to zones 6 and below in the fall season, as they may not have sufficient time to harden off and survive winter temperatures. We strongly recommend spring shipping to these areas.
  • Click here for our full guarantee.

If you have any issues with your order please contact us within 10 days of receipt.

Is my tree alive?

  • If you receive your plant and are concerned about its health, we recommend performing a scratch test to determine its current health. The scratch test is performed by scratching the first layer of bark on the main trunk to reveal the cambium layer underneath. If the cambium layer reveals green, then the plant is alive and it will likely continue to grow throughout the season. If your plant has not leafed out, but the cambium layer is still green, we recommend continuing to monitor them and follow up if there is no improvement in health witnessed. If the cambium layer is brown, please email us with a description and photos so we can follow up accordingly.
  • You may read our full guarantee policy here.

What to expect with bare root trees?

  • A bare root plant has exposed roots and is not planted in a container with soil. Bare roots are only sold dormant and are completely safe to transport in this state. Since these plants are sold dormant, they are only available for ordering in the Spring and Fall.
  • The roots of these trees are dipped in essential plus then packaged in a bag with hydrated saw dust to retain moisture throughout transit. Upon receiving your order, open the bag surrounding the roots and check to see that they feel moist. If they seem dry, add some water in the bag then close it back up if not planting immediately. Keep in a cool shady place before planting. If weather is warm, immediate planting is best.
  • When planting a bare root tree, it is best to plant in the native soil with no fertilizers added in the hole. You may add compost or mulch around the base of the plant for slow release nutrients. Be sure to water in thoroughly to remove any air bubbles in the soil. It will take several weeks before its roots begin to grow and it starts to leaf out. Until then, just be sure that the soil does not dry out.
  • Once your tree has leafed out, it will require regular waterings while it continues to get established. Periodic deep watering is far superior to frequent light watering. Deep watering encourages deep root growth, which makes your plant stronger and much less susceptible to drought stress.
  • If you have any issues with your tree leafing out, please reach out to us by July 1st to qualify for our replacement guarantee.

Why can’t Persimmon Trees be shipped to CA?

  • The USDA prohibits Persimmon trees imported into the state of California unless they originated in California and were quarantined during their time in other states.

Why can’t citrus be shipped to CA, FL, AZ, GA or TX?

  • The USDA prohibits the import of citrus trees to California, Florida, Arizona, Georgia and Texas.

When will an item be back in stock?

  • The best thing to do when waiting for a plant to be back in stock is to join our waitlist online. Simply add your email to the waitlist for each plant variety that you are interested in to be notified once the item is back in stock and available for purchase.
  • Our dormant bare root trees are only available in the Spring and Fall seasons of each year. We do not sell bare root trees in the Summer. For customers needing orders at the beginning of each shipping season, please place a pre-order then contact us to request a specific shipping date.

Which plants are available in different seasons?

  • Since bare roots plants are only stable to transport while they’re dormant, they are only sold in the spring and fall. We receive the majority of our bare roots in early spring, however, we also have a limited amount of bare root trees available in the fall. Pre-ordering for spring usually begins in November or December the year before.
  • Since potted plants are insulated in soil, and stable to ship year round, they are available throughout the year. We restock our potted plants many times per year. It’s best to sign up for the waitlist to be notified once an item is back in stock.

How does the waitlist work?

  • When a plant is out of stock, there is an option to add an email address to be altered once that item is back in stock and available for purchase. Each plant has a waitlist option if it is out of stock. An email will be sent containing a link to place an order once the item is back in stock.
  • Please note, the waitlist does not reserve any plants for you or place an order.

When will my in store pickup be available?

  • Spring pre-order inventory is typically available for pickup after February 1st although this date may vary each year.
  • For Winter/Spring in store pickups, we will send an email as soon as the order is ready for pickup from the nursery.
  • Summer inventory is on site and available for immediate pickup.
  • Fall potted inventory is available for immediate pickup, however, bare-root plants will be ready for pickup once they go dormant. This is weather dependent and varies each year, although typically around mid-November.
  • Please contact us to schedule a pickup during our winter hours.

Can I make a change to my order?

  • Changes to orders can be made before the order has shipped. Please call us at 1-877-353-4028 or send an email to info@onegreenworld.com to update your order.
  • Changes cannot be made once the order has shipped.

I am going out of town; can you hold my shipment until I get back?

  • Yes, we are always happy to accommodate a shipping time that works best with your schedule. Please contact us with the date that you will be available to receive your order.